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Read what past participants had to say . . .

"Thank you so much for the introduction to Mali.  It would be impossible to have such a feeling of kinship with the country if I hadn't had Moussa to introduce me to an incredible array of drummers, dancers and just plain people.  Once again, thank you for offering me the opportunity to visit Mali as I did."   

- Clara Jo Brown, La Jolla, CA

"Of all the things I saw and experienced, interacting with the people was the greatest.  Seeing people make so much out of nothing was amazing.  Going to Mali really puts your life in America into perspective.  It's an awesome experience.  It was really overwhelming for me, but I'd go back in a heartbeat.  This trip is a must do thing for everyone."

- Bernard "Yiriba" Thomas, Director, Teye Sa Thiosanne
African Drum & Dance Company, San Diego, CA

"Clara Jo and I had the trip of a lifetime and we thank you!"

- Marti Blackwell, Travel Agent. San Diego, CA