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Community drum classes
Traditional West African rhythms.
The class is open to djembe and dundun players.
On-going class,  all levels, $15/class

Cambridge: Wednesday 6-7:30 pm. YWCA, 7 Temple  Street, Central Sq.
Concord: Friday 6-7:30 pm. Luminosity studio

Private classes
For information, contact Moussa.

Drum and dance classes
 Moussa Traore and Michele Laura

African dance is multi-faceted and rich in that every set of movements is related to a dong and meaning, as well as a rhythm. We work on a rhythm for 8 weeks. The first half of the class Moussa will teach the rhythm, djembe and dundun pattern. The second half, Michele will lead the dance. The song is integrated over the 8 weeks.


Tuesday 6-7:30 pm (drum), 7:30-9pm (dance)

Masonic Temple, Concord Center

$200 (8 weeks, drum + dance), $120 (8 weeks, drum only/dance only)

After school programs
During 2007-2008, Moussa has been teaching at:
Belmont Day School, Belmont, MA
Bird Street Community Center,
Dorchester, MA

French-American School of Rhode Island, Providence, RI

Central Falls High School, Providence, RI

Drum and dance workshops
Moussa has been teaching workshops throughout the country, for dance companies, drum students and at school programs.  Most of them are dance and drumming workshops, which he teaches jointly with Djeneba Sacko, one of the most renowned Malian dancers in the U.S.