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RhythmKids ( is an exciting, innovative program that gives students the opportunity to experience multicultural music and have fun at the same time! We offer a hands-on approach to help students discover, play and appreciate, music from other cultures. Our interactive programs include African drumming classes for children, in-school workshops, assemblies, community drum circles, team-building events, birthday parties and music educator workshops.


Michele Laura (

The word “movement” captures so many possibilities. It can address motion, locomotion or transportation. It can be used in reference to a musical piece or a social or political action. It is a huge piece of my life work: experiencing and facilitating as much Joyful Movement as possible. This site invites you to connect with the wonderful world of outward, inward, forward and upward movement through dancing, drumming, yoga, life management, social activism and natural health.

DrumSkull (

DrumSkull Drums is the world's leading percussion shop rooted in the music of West Africa. For over a decade we have offered professional instruments of uncompromised quality. Our inspiration is a culmination of over thirty years of West African & Congolese drum and dance education felt strong in the bay area of California. As students of this music, we feel extremely fortunate to have the respect and support of so many influential teachers throughout the US and in Africa.

Talking Drum Records (
Talking Drum Records is an indie record label based in Santa Monica California, featuring World Groove music with an emphasis on drums and percussion.



MySpace (Moussa Traore)

Check Moussa’s MySpace for listening to recordings, watching videos, and more information.