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         Timinandi is Moussa Traore's first band in Boston. Timinandi means "courage" in Bambara. Moussa chose this name as a tribute to the members of his band, who had the courage to join him to learn and perform the rhythms of Mali. Timinandi presents traditional rhythms, while incorporating Moussa's own modern arrangements and style, playing djembe, dundun, kenkeni, yabara, karagnan and other traditional instruments.

        Timinadi's performances combine the rhythms, song and dances from Mali, and feature the virtuoso solos of Moussa. A truly cross-cultural group, Timinandi represents the diversity of the Boston area, while bringing traditional Malian music and dance to the stage in a modern context. Timinandi presents this powerful art form with colorful costumes, fierce energy and captivating showmanship.

In the past year, Timinandi has performed at several of the most popular festivals in the Boston area, such as NEFFA, Cambridge River, Somerville and Harvard Square May Fest.  It has also performed at different clubs and for private events and celebrations.